Josh Canning

Josh Canning

Share the Message of Easter

Are you keeping Holy Week to yourself, or are you sharing it with someone?

Living in a Firestorm of Tolerance

Something deeply unsettling is happening in our culture.

Follow the Leader

"Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses..."

Josh about to board a government jet

A Doubly Blessed Day

Here's a couple of reasons why today is an amazing day.

Not a Proud Moment: A Catholic Teacher on OECTA

Why exactly is there a "C" in OECTA?

Looking Back on the Election of Pope Francis

Today is the anniversary of the election of our 266th pope.

Alpha is for Catholics?

Do you know about the Alpha experience? You should.

What are You Waiting for?

Have we left the New Evangelization on pause?

St. Valentine's Day Links Roundup

So yeah, we're running with the dating theme lately...

Fist holding gold medal

In Your Faith Life, Go for the Gold

Let's talk about the difference 5% makes.

The Old School Rules of Dating

One of the biggest snags in modern dating is this: the lack of distinction between “dating" and "going steady”.

Happy half-Asian girl

A Catholic Gal's Advice to Men: 4 Tips to Smarter Dating

Men, here are a few Catholic dating snags you don't want to get caught up in.