The Fruits of Solidarity

The Fruits of Solidarity


Greg Robertson is mission trip leader, high school chaplain, and the Coordinator of the Christian Life Movement Canada.

1. How did you find yourself in the position of leading Canadian students on international volunteering trips?

In 2006 I signed up to attend a Solidarity trip that the Brock University Chaplaincy was organizing. During the three weeks that I spent in Ecuador, God opened my eyes to an entirely new world, one which set me on a path of discernment to determine what he was calling me to do with my life. After that trip, the chaplain, Br. Raoul invited me to particpate in the leadership of developing future trips and projects together.

One of the things that motivates me to continue leading these trips is to provide the opportunity for myself and others to reflect on the effect of culture on our lives. There are many beautiful things in our culture that lead us closer to the Lord. However there are also challenges that our culture presents. Using another culture as a mirror to reflect upon your own culture can be very fruitful in our continued discernment to aligning our lives more fully to Christ, and I truly believe our mission trips provide this opportunity. 

2. What kind of work do volunteers engage in?

Participants typically have the opportunity to work on a construction project within different shanty towns; develop cathecesis with children; and to participate in home visits to pray with the local people. Participants also have the opportunity to see and explore several different development projects in the health and education sector. 

3. Do all the trips have a religious focus?

The trips we offer through the Christian Life Movement focus on growing in our Christian faith, serving those in need, and exploring the culture. We typically have students from different faith experiences, some that are stepping out and taking a risk to see what the Catholic faith is all about, and others who are deeply committed to their faith and desire to serve others. One of the most amazing parts of every trip is the deep friendships that are created through out the two weeks we spend together, and seeing how we are each evangilized by one another.

4. What are some of the fruits of the trips that you have seen?

For participants who perhaps were not fully living their faith prior to the trip, many see the faith in a new light and often discover the great adventure that awaits them in living out their faith in Christ. Others who have a strong faith already are reaffirmed in their commitment that they have made to Christ, which keeps them motivated in the formation of them selves and in their efforts to share their faith with others. 

Having the opportunity to live an intense experience of community together with like minded people for two weeks- to pray together, to receive the Sacraments more frequently, and to give of themselves in service to those in need- this truly expands one's heart to live the Gospel more fully in their every day life upon returning to Canada.
5. What is the Christian Life Movement?

The Christian Life Movement (CLM) is an ecclesial movement with a spirituality and style of its own, within the Catholic Church. It is an International Association of Christian Faithful of Pontifical Right.

The CLM is a community where a true encounter with the Lord Jesus takes place. Its members look to live an authentic and committed Christian life in which they discover the deep call to proclaim the Gospel and announce the love of the Lord to all the people around the world.

The identity of the CLM is sealed with our vocation to do apostolate; it is at the core of our life and action. The invitation that Our Lord Jesus Christ has given to go and evangelize the whole world is at the core of our Movement. That's why we accept entirely the call that the Apostle Saint Paul makes "to proclaim the Word of reconciliation."

Often movements are described by the charism they live within their community experience. The charisms of the CLM are: to evangelize youth, family, and culture; to serve the most needy; and to promote life, dignity and rights of every human being. 

6. Are there any volunteer opportunities coming up in the near future?

If you are interested in participating in one of our mission trips, or know someone who might be, we are offering a trip this July to Peru. It is open to university-aged young adults. We will spend two weeks in Peru with the majority of the time spent in Lima, and a three day trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu.  

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