A Blessing for Canada

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A Blessing for Canada


How wonderful to hear this past weekend that Canada is getting a new cardinal! Archbishop Gérald Cyprien Lacroix will be elevated to the college in February of this year, giving us 3 cardinals serving in the true north strong and free (the others being Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto and Jean-Claude Cardinal Turcotte, Archbishop Emeritus of Montreal).

Whenever I hear about Archbishop Lacroix I recall an answer he gave to an interviewer when he was first named Primate of Canada in 2011. He was asked what he would do to bring Quebecers back to the pews, and his response was brilliant:

"I think the first thing is not to try to bring people back to the pews. People in Quebec will resist that. They don't want us to use them as instruments that fill our pews and raise our statistics. That's not our mission. Our mission is to bring people to a deeper relationship with the Lord and the Gospel and by doing that the rest falls into place. If God is the centre of your life that changes everything and then people will find their way back to the Church. The Pope (Benedict) has said very clearly that we're not looking to build up numbers and statistics."

What do you think about that? Does this approach resonate with you?

His philosophy is also evident in his lapel pin. It is reportedly a single fish hook (instead of a net), emphasizing a dedication to person-to-person evangelization. This beautiful approach is something that can be implemented by every Catholic, lay, religious, or ordained.

Let's offer a prayer together for Canada's newest Cardinal-elect. May his ministry be blessed, and may we follow his example for evangelization, one person at a time.

Hail Mary...

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