Why I Keep on Bloggin'

Why I Keep on Bloggin'


There were a couple of moments this past year where I was tempted to quit. When I started up the Canadian Catholic blog I was a stay-at-home dad with a little extra time and focus to devote to a blog. Then I started an amazing new job with Alpha Canada, and I wasn’t sure if I could keep doing the whole blog thing.

But then, I wrote this post a while back called 5 Reasons Every Disciple Needs a Blog. It wouldn’t have been consistent of me to throw in the towel, would it? And I sure wouldn’t like the implication!

More importantly though, as I look back on 2014, I am reminded of the fruits I saw from blogging. Not only did it make me more intentional about my life of faith (which was a great benefit!), but I received feedback from a few readers about how they benefited from things they read here. To share a few:

  • One reader shared with me that after reading Wanted: A Different Kind of Parish he took the advice and ordered a couple of copies of the recommended book- one for himself, and one for his pastor. His pastor actually read it and met with him afterwards, and shared that he wanted to follow through and build a parish community that really evangelizes. Praise God!
  • One reader messaged me after reading Catholic Men Should Be the Best Daters. He wanted me to know that he took the advice and immediately asked a girl he knew out for coffee that weekend. Good for him! Take the plunge, men.
  • A few readers have reached out about some of the posts on pornography habits. This is a big problem, and I applaud them for confronting it.
  • A few readers also reached out about depression after reading My Dark Secret. It was a scary moment for me to press “Publish” on that one, but I am so encouraged to hear that it has spoken to people who have experienced depression. Don’t keep it to yourself.

As I look over the stats I am grateful to see that we’ve had over 25,000 visitors to the site, and I hope that I and the other contributors continue to write things that inspire/educate/challenge/support you in your faith journey. Specifically we want to help disciples of Jesus become missionary disciples of Jesus.

This is the lived faith we aspire to, and hope to inspire. 

Have you benefited from something at Canadian Catholic? If an article touched you, please share it with us. Tell us in the comments below and share it on your social channels so it can touch someone else.

And/or send me a note at josh@canadiancatholic.net. I would love to hear from you.

And it will keep me well motivated to keep on bloggin'!

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