Is this worth talking about?

Is this worth talking about?


I am a proud Canadian, through and through, but I sometimes envy our friendly neighbors to the south.

Right now in the US there is a march happening for the affirmation of original/traditional/natural/whatever you want to call it marriage. Americans like marching for things. They like being counted when an important matter is being discussed in the public square. They don’t like the government making sweeping decisions without hearing the voice of it’s citizens. They will demand their right to be heard.

It’s the public discussion we never had in Canada. 

To me the whole legal-definition-switchy-thing felt like a mad rush to prove how progressive Canada was (we were only the 4th country to do this, the first outside Europe). It felt like a minority PM was trying to push some kind of legacy through before losing office. It felt like party leaders dropping a political hot potato lest they be labeled (fairly or not, it doesn't matter) intolerant. What it definitely didn't feel like was a national discussion on the meaning of marriage.  

What would that discussion have sounded like? Probably something amazing like this

You know, I think that we should borrow a page from the book of our American friends and get our march on a little more often. 

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