Making Spiritual New Year's Resolutions

Making Spiritual New Year's Resolutions


Happy New Year! 2014 is here, wooooooooh. Ok, the champagne bottles are empty, the parties are done, and it's time to make some plans for the New Year. What are yours?

I love New Year's resolutions, and I also hate 'em. I love making plans, but I hate looking back on them and realizing I didn't stick to them. Which I why I'm blogging them.

I've found since I started blogging in October that once something is in writing and out in the open, I feel more accountable to it. So blogging has actually made me a lot more intentional about the way I live. For this reason I say, make your resolutions, but don't keep them to yourself. Tell someone so they can ask you about how they're going. This will help you feel accountable to them and stay motivated.

Also, make them specific! Don't say, "Meh, I'm going to be nicer this year. And more patient. Oh yeah, and pray more." Put it that way and you'll probably come up short on all three.

Instead, say something specific that you can measure: "I will call up this person who kinda annoys me and ask to buy them a coffee." "I will ask my friends to call me out on it any time I engage in gossip or detraction." "I will pray from this time to this time every day."  

Ok, enough said. Here are my resolutions:

1) Make a sincere attempt to go to Mass daily, whenever possible

2) Get up at the alarm every day for personal prayer time 

3) Read this book and ask the Holy Spirit for his help and guidance every day

4) Practice public speaking regularly and accept more requests

5) Take a weekly class in martial arts

6) Blog 2-3 times weekly for the whole year 

So these are my resolutions, and they are in writing. What are some of yours? Please share below, and you may even stick to 'em.

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