Why You Should Be a New Media Missionary

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Why You Should Be a New Media Missionary


Those who follow me already know about my new obsession: Periscope.

Periscope is a new medium that has been described by Chris Drucker as “live TV meets social media on horse steroids.” Basically Periscope is people broadcasting live video of themselves, with viewers tuning in and typing in questions and comments while they are speaking.

It is an exciting way of getting a message out in a very interactive way.

Whenever I see a new way of getting a message out, one in which people are flocking to, I get excited. I get excited because I think, “Alright! Here is a new avenue to share the message that changes everything.

"How can we share the Gospel here?"

We all need to bring the Christian message to the online world, even if it means learning some new things, and here is why:

1. People have not received the Gospel message

Do you know why billions of people have not come to realize the truth about Jesus? That he is truly the Son of God, who loves us to the point of giving his life for us, and invites us into relationship with Him at this very moment?

Because we haven’t gotten the message out! At least not in a way that has been received.

And so many people reject the Church for what they mistakenly believe her to be, rather than for what she is (to borrow from Fulton Sheen).

We need to fix that, and we can do that by going into the places where people put their attention and dialoguing there about what matters most to us.

2. People need to see the human face of Christians; they need to see their real joys and even their real struggles!

Do you know what many in the world think about Christians? I believe that the words some may use to describe us include: judgemental; holier-than-thou; hypocritical; cliquey; elitist; moralistic; triumphant; and totally disinterested with non-Christians.

Is that how we are? I hope not! But people may have encountered someone who reinforces these stereotypes and they need a human counterpoint.

From Aparecida:

‘The calling to be missionary-disciples demands from us a clear option for Jesus and His Gospel, coherence between faith and life, embodiment of the values of the Kingdom, insertion in the community and to be a sign of contradiction and novelty in a world that promotes consumerism and disfigures the values that dignify the human being. In a world that is closed to the God of love, we are a community of love, not of the world but in the world and for the world! (cf. Jn 15:19; 17:14-16)'

We are a community of love, not of the world but in the world and for the world!

-Aparacida Document

So let them see your true and authentic faith, your humility, your desire to grow, to dialogue, to love.

This is the witness of life, which can help someone open their hearts to the message behind your witness.

3. We need to be faithful

God commissioned us to bring the Good News to the ends of the earth, and that is now more possible than ever. It is an act of loving obedience to accept mission from Jesus.

I know the world is moving fast. It can seem like there is no point in even trying to keep up with the next big thing.

And we can’t realistically keep up with everything. I can’t be on ALL social media. And I can’t fill up all spare moments with social media. This would actually be harmful to my prayer life and my other duties.

But I can be intentional about bringing gentle messages of faith to the online world.

I went to a conference last Fall for people who want to become better communicators. One of my small group members gave a talk about why Christians especially need to be great communicators.

“The more important the message, the better we need to be able to communicate it. Well, we have the most important message in the world! God loves us so much that he would die for us to give us life."

Hard to argue with that, eh?

Do you struggle to be a new media missionary? Check out my post about how anyone can do this. Stay tuned by signing up here!

And follow me on Periscope here. 

We all need to bring the Christian message to the online world, and here is why. — Josh Canning

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