YOU Can Share Your Testimony

Testimony sharing

YOU Can Share Your Testimony


Have you considered the fact that YOUR testimony could bring someone closer to Jesus?

This is a fact. If you are saying to yourself, "No no, someone else's testimony. Mine is too ordinary." then I encourage you to slap yourself across the face. Seriously, do it right now.

There are no boring testimonies.

A testimony is the story of why you live the life that you do. It's a generous sharing of something personal and unique to you. It's allowing someone a glimpse into an important part of your heart. So there's no way that someone who likes you or respects you or finds you interesting or thinks you're ok will be bored by your testimony.

A testimony is a story.

People today love hearing stories. We live in an age where because of relativism, people don't really want to hear what they ought to do and not do. But we all love hearing about someone found something that had a big impact on their lives, brought them happiness, fulfilment, etc. 

We also tend to want to see that someone "walks the walk" of what they believe before we take seriously what they say. Have you ever heard that "Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers it is because they are witnesses"? (EN 41) This is something I have come to firmly believe. One of it's components is that people are intrigued by the witness of Christians who really live what they believe.

Well, a testimony is an explanation of the reasons behind your witness. It goes deeper into the witness you communicate by your life, and tells them why you intrigue them so much.  

I listened to a talk one time where the CCO Missionary said "Your testimony is the story of God's victory in your life." If you feel insecure talking about yourself, keep this in mind. It's the story of GOD'S victory in your life. And of course, your response to His invitation.

If you made a decision to live life differently, to put Jesus in the centre of your life and forsake a life of self-centredness, to receive God's free gift of salvation, His love, and to love Him in return... then people need to know the reasons why.

The reasons why could change their life.

If you haven't made that decision, what are you waiting for?

Have I convinced you? I hope so. If you're now at the point of having decided to prepare your testimony so you can know it and share it with others, but don't know where to start, stay tuned for Friday's post, "Sharing your Testimony 101"

Question: Have you shared "the story of God's victory in your life" with someone? How did they respond?

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