Are You Also Aching for Canada to Be Better?

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Are You Also Aching for Canada to Be Better?


US politics dominates the headlines these days, and it’s easy to see why. Their current leadership options seem to be between a) unthinkable, and b) worse.

And as we Canucks are wont to do, we pat ourselves on the back and say, “I thank God I am not like my big brother to the south!”

But how much better off are we, really?

I love Canada, but I think that we elect terrible representatives to office. Don’t you? And the result of poor leadership is felt throughout a society. It leads us further and further downward, making us as a nation less than we are supposed to be. 

This should make us all ache. 

Here are three reasons why you and I should ache for Canada:

1. Our representatives' hyper vigilant defense of abortion

It may have escaped your attention that last week a proposal was shot down that would have offered some protection for unborn babies killed in a violent attack against the mom.

Bill C225, nicknamed “Molly Matters,” was authored in honour of Molly Kaake-Durham, an unborn baby girl who was killed when her mother was brutally murdered in Windsor in 2014.

Her father, Jeff Durham has been fighting for recognition that his unborn daughter was also taken on that horrific day.

Regrettably, the bill was voted down, refusing Cassie’s mother and Molly’s father the opportunity to speak about their loss and the void in Canadian law when it comes to the unborn victims of violent crimes. 

To those who voted against the bill, fearing it would open the door to restrictions on abortion, I say: shame on you.

Given the option of choosing life over death, Canadian politicians are more and more frequently choosing death.

Given the option of choosing life over death, Canadian politicians are more and more frequently choosing death.

PM Trudeau even made a point to shout out his support for abortion giant and trafficker in human body parts Planned Parenthood on Twitter. 

100 years strong indeed, if you consider tens of millions of vanquished and discarded children a show of strength.

2. Euthanasia

Euthanasia is another painful example. While discussion continues regarding how liberally to legislate euthanasia (sorry, “medical assistance in dying”), already efforts are underway to force those who want nothing to do with it out of the medical profession.

(For more information on this matter and staying involved, visit Canadians for Conscience.)

This disregard for the value and dignity of human life at the beginning and end undercuts our moral voice on other matters. It evokes cynicism when our leaders speak about injustice and tragedy in other areas of life. Like...

3. Suicide

Like the terrible rash of youth suicides in the north. How heartbreaking is it to hear of pacts between teen girls who see no reason for living? Whose desperate answer to feelings of isolation is to join hands in embracing their own deaths?

Last week a 4th grade student joined them.

While there has been outcry about the tragedy, it doesn't have firm footing to stand on. If unborn babies are killed and elderly and infirm are killed, what is wrong with depressed kids killing themselves? How are we to convince them that their difficult life is of value and worth living, when we have said that so many other lives are not?

The culture of death has crept across Canada like a plague, and most of our representatives cheered it on. Teen suicide is but another expression of our twisted throwaway culture.

This is why I refuse to boast when I compare Canada and the USA. We have plenty of dirty laundry of our own to clean up.

And clean up we must. Here are 2 things we can and must do:

1) Pray for Canada

The KofC have started a novena leading up to the US presidential election. We should do that, too. We should pray for better governance continually, and continually petition the Canadian saints and patrons for their prayers on our behalf.

2) Participate in the public square

We Catholics, labeled as “so-cons” (social conservatives, as they see us) should be contributing to the social conversation on issues of life, family, justice, etc. This includes voting, but it also may mean paying membership into a political party and voting for better potential-MPs and MPPs.

It will mean writing your MPs and MPPs and sometimes sharing your views through your social channels. 

It may mean running for office yourself and frustrating the status quo. A 19-year old student did recently, and look what happened! 

By the way, there is a new organization that I follow to keep in the loop on Canadian prolife news and advocacy. Check out Right Now. Like, right now!  


These really aren’t my favourite articles to write. It’s difficult to ache for your country. But as G. K. Chesterton said,

“Men didn’t love Rome because she was beautiful; she was beautiful because men first loved her."

I love Canada. You love Canada. Let’s make her the best.

Poor leadership leads us further downward, making we as a nation less than we are supposed to be. — Josh Canning

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