"There is a God-shaped hole in every man that only Christ can fill." — St. Augustine

Athletic Spirituality

How is your spiritual fitness routine going?

Holding a father's hand

Can I Share My Testimony with You?

This is the story of God's victory in my life.

Sharing Your Testimony, 101

Want to share your testimony? Here is how, in 3 easy parts.

Testimony sharing

YOU Can Share Your Testimony

Somebody needs to hear your testimony, so you might as well suck it up and get ready to share.

Rosary in hand

5 Reasons to Pray the Rosary Today

Here's some quick reasons to pray today without delay.

Waiting for the Perfect Moment

Why I don't pray as much as I should: Waiting for the perfect moment

Do you ever put off personal prayer because something is not quite perfect about this moment?

A Tim Horton's Sign

Tim Hortons and the Even Deeper Cravings

What's the most important fix in your day?


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