Leading Discovery

Leading Discovery


Recently, Josh wrote a blog called Evangelization: It’s work, but its not Rocket Science. He also wrote 5 Ways a Regular Joe Can Evangelize. Now, I want to add a 6th way. 

Being a full time missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach, we have tools that we have also found to be effective. After all, we need to have lots of arsenals in our evangelization tool kit. One tool that I have found effective is the Discovery Faith Study, or as the regular users call it "Disco.”

Here is what Discovery has to offer:

Clear, Simple, Easy to use

I think it is easier to make faith complicated than easy. It is hard to synthesize our entire faith into a simple message. People always want to touch the hot button issues, which can be very daunting.

The Discovery study does not make the faith complicated. Often, we need to evangelize and then catechize. Discovery offers a simple but personally challenging look at the Person of Jesus. Participants examine themes of love, mercy, forgiveness, and salvation. Discovery helps people be open to a personal encounter and relationship with Jesus.

If you glance through the six lessons and their goals in the table of contents, you will notice that they present the “kerygma” (or the basic four-point Gospel message):

  1. God is love and created us for relationship with him
  2. That relationship has been broken though sin
  3. Jesus exclusively restores that relationship through his death and resurrection
  4. We are all personally invited to accept this gift of salvation

Furthermore the study is rooted in scripture, church teaching, has illustrations and analogies, easy-to-lead format, develops community and fellowship through small group discussion, and features practical challenges.

As stated above it is only six lessons. If you are a participant in Discovery it takes around an hour a week for six weeks. Probably all in all 10-15 hours if you are leading it.

Would you be willing to give 10-15 hours to have someone choose Jesus?

Allows for a choice

Even if you have been Catholic all your life you might not actually know Jesus. You can never assume someone knows him that is doing him or her a disservice. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be invited into the dynamic, life giving relationship with Jesus. Discovery allows for a clear choice, an intentional choice.

I’ve seen it work

I love Discovery, because I have seen it work. When in university I was challenged to lead a Discovery Faith Study. I took this challenge and asked two people I was acquainted with, one from church and one of his friends I had met once. I sat them down with them and said, “You probably know this stuff, but it will be a good refresher.” I assumed they already chosen a personal relationship with God, because they went to church every Sunday and went to a Catholic high school.

However, as we went through the study, they kept being shocked about Jesus and all things they were learning in the study. By the end of the study they personally chose to have Christ at the centre of their lives.

It was such a blessing to be able to see someone in front of my eyes accept him. I was not fully equipped at the time, but the Discovery study helped me. Now, they are both living dynamic lives in the Church, and one is studying for the priesthood!

Interested in running a Disco for your friends? Here are some resources to get you there:

Online training: http://www.leadingdiscovery.ca

More info: http://cco.ca/materials-supplement/

Next steps: http://cco.ca/leading-discovery/

I challenge you to pray about it and think about leading Discovery.

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