"There is a God-shaped hole in every man that only Christ can fill." — St. Augustine

St. Valentine's Day Links Roundup

So yeah, we're running with the dating theme lately...

Fist holding gold medal

In Your Faith Life, Go for the Gold

Let's talk about the difference 5% makes.

Man holding lamp in the darkness

How Being Tested by Depression Brought Growth

Here's something not everyone knows about me: a few times in my life, I've had to deal with depression.

The Fruits of Solidarity

"One of the most amazing parts of every trip is the deep friendships that are created through out the two weeks we spend together, and seeing how we are each evangilized by one another."

Making Spiritual New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2014 is here, wooooooooh.

This Christmas, Don’t Be Like the Innkeeper

“With Christ, joy is constantly born anew.”

What I Learned from Walter the Tailor

"Let's try to be open to God's word, and open to the Lord's surprises when he speaks to us." -Pope Francis

Photo: Emily Morter

Advent is Here, Let's Make it Special this Year

Here is something do so that Christmas doesn't sneak up on me!

Thank God for Baptism

Do you know the date of your second birth?

5 More Reasons to Love Confession

Does the sacrament of confession make you a little uncomfortable? You wouldn't be alone if you said yes.

4 Questions about Evangelization with Michael Dopp

What are we actually talking about when we say New Evangelization?

5 Reasons to Make Confession Your New BFF

Confession is amazing.


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