"There is a God-shaped hole in every man that only Christ can fill." — St. Augustine

Burn Your Ships

When your commit your life to Christ, don't look back!

5 Reasons Every Disciple Needs a Blog

Have you ever thought about blogging your faith?

Image from Alpha Catholic Context Intro

Press Play on the New Evangelization

"I think the New Evangelization is about Catholics ceasing to be sealed envelopes."

Girl praying with sombreness

The Painful Truth about the New Evangelization

Here are two ways you can and should get hurt in the New Evangelization.

Album Review: Brothers, by Joe Zambon

It's great to review an album that I actually love.

Hitting snooze on the alarm

The Colossal Battle Within, and Why I Refuse to Surrender

Every morning I face an intense battle, and I never know for sure who will come out on top.

Share the Message of Easter

Are you keeping Holy Week to yourself, or are you sharing it with someone?

Follow the Leader

"Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses..."

Josh about to board a government jet

A Doubly Blessed Day

Here's a couple of reasons why today is an amazing day.

Are You Getting "Extreme" Enough this Lent?

Is heaven your ultimate aim? If your answer is yes, then you're gonna have to get a little extreme.

Alpha is for Catholics?

Do you know about the Alpha experience? You should.

What are You Waiting for?

Have we left the New Evangelization on pause?


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