"There is a God-shaped hole in every man that only Christ can fill." — St. Augustine

Young man sitting in pew

We Desperately Need a New Vision of the Laity

At first she laughed. Then she got a bit emotional.
“We so badly need to think differently about ourselves as lay people."

A messy unmade bed

How to Kick Your Bad Habits to the Curb Right Now

Why do I say that all Catholics should read The Power of Habit? Because all Catholics are called to be saints!

Raining on an umbrella

I Really Hate Depression, But it Has an Upside

Crazy as it sounds to associate benefits with depression, here are 6 that I’ve come to embrace.

Girl looking reflective

What You Ask in a Crisis Really Matters

These two questions have radically changed the way I approach crises because they let me interpret and respond to crises differently.

Mountaineering with map

How to Make Jesus the Heart of Your Vacation

Instead of turning into a human-sloth hybrid, this year I am really trying to use my leisure time to grow closer to Jesus.

Girl looking at phone

Do You Have the Guts to Change What Needs Changing?

Here is how some terrible news turned into a real blessing.

Girl reading smart phone

How to use social media like a saint

Saints do not drift when they are online, they swim. What I mean is they are intentional about why they do something.

A Bible and a coffee together

How to Turn Up the Temperature on Your Prayer Life

Here are some concrete resolutions to spend more time in conversation with God!

Beautiful Catholic newlywed couple

Why Newlyweds Better Check Their Expectations at the Aisle

Everything changed when I chose to let go of my expectations.

Looking at apps on an iPhone

8 Catholic Apps You Should Download in a Hurry

Some apps can help you get where you are going, and when where you are going is heaven, we are REALLY on board. Here are some of our faves.

Welcoming beautiful church entrance

Something I Want to Say to the Occasional Church-Goer

I hope that you discover what I did...

man contemplating clouds make God priority #1

Why Every Man Should Make God His #1 Priority

Having lived as though he didn't exist, I know the benefits of making God #1.


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