Articles where the best & worst of our culture are held up to the light of the Catholic faith

Happy half-Asian girl

A Catholic Gal's Advice to Men: 4 Tips to Smarter Dating

Men, here are a few Catholic dating snags you don't want to get caught up in.

Gentleman with a red rose

Catholic Men Should Be the Best Daters

What the heck ever happened to dating? Isn't it supposed to be simple?

Man holding lamp in the darkness

How Being Tested by Depression Brought Growth

Here's something not everyone knows about me: a few times in my life, I've had to deal with depression.

Engaging Culture & Regaining My Taste Buds

The more time we spend being critical and understanding the subtle notes or ‘flavours’ in movies, the more adept we become at picking up on the good and the bad.

The Fruits of Solidarity

"One of the most amazing parts of every trip is the deep friendships that are created through out the two weeks we spend together, and seeing how we are each evangilized by one another."

A Blessing for Canada

"Our mission is to bring people to a deeper relationship with the Lord and the Gospel and by doing that the rest falls into place."

Supreme Blunder on Prostitution

Don't Canadians deserve better law-making than this?

Who's Coming to Christmas Dinner?

Maybe this year it's time to start a new Christmas tradition.

Guy shielding eyes

Putting Porn Back in its Place

Porn is not all fun and games, and it’s no longer just the Catholic Church that’s saying so.

Rebel Against the Slopification of Culture

The Arcade Fire is issuing dress codes, and so am I.

Pregnancy test

Opting Out of Reality

When it comes to modern parenthood, there's a lot of lying going on.

Joe Zambon

6 Questions with Joe Zambon

"Songwriting has been a gift to my own personal life since songs I’ve written still minister to my heart years after I’ve recorded them."


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