Don't Make Decisions for People, Just Invite!

Don't Make Decisions for People, Just Invite!


A few weeks back I was sitting with a buddy of mine and I asked him how he came to know Jesus.

He told me his whole story, but, what was most interesting was when he said, “I had everything the world had to offer. Parties, friends, money, a good job. I had worked for since first year university, but one night I decided not to go out with my friends and just sat in my basement. In that basement I realized I was empty, not fulfilled by life.

"I went over to YouTube and found a video of a preacher, and by listening to that video I came to personally encounter Jesus.”

I found this story AMAZING and very unique. Who finds Jesus through a video!?!

Furthermore, I bet none of his friends knew that he was feeling empty and unfulfilled that night. Or that he would be willing to take a chance with God at that moment.

I often ask people with whom they could share Jesus. A common response I hear is, "I don’t know. All of my friends are atheist or agnostic."

I think it is out of fear we are scared to ask these people, and I get that. But I think of my friend; I bet someone would have described him as a atheist or agnostic and looked what happened. There was a turning point in his life and no one saw it coming.

So my question is, just because they are a staunch atheist does that mean that at times they wont feel empty or unfilled? Does that mean you should not offer the Gospel to them? You never know when someone might say YES.

I have another friend who is an amazing missionary and has brought so many people to know Jesus. His journey started in an unconventional way. He was an atheist working for the government. But one friend did not count him out and invited him to a faith study to hear about Jesus. He didn't think he would come, but he still invited.

My friend did say yes and he did meet Jesus. Then he became Catholic. Now he works with Catholic Christian Outreach as a full time missionary.

Who saw that coming? Would anyone have ever thought he was going to say yes?

No, but I think that the inviter was faithful and took a chance.

We just don’t know where people are at. By assuming they do not want to hear the message we are doing them a disservice, because everyone deserves the opportunity to know Jesus. 

Who have you not given the chance to know Jesus?

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