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Current Events

Articles on the latest happenings in Canada, the world, & the universal Church

Josh about to board a government jet

A Doubly Blessed Day

Here's a couple of reasons why today is an amazing day.

Not a Proud Moment: A Catholic Teacher on OECTA

Why exactly is there a "C" in OECTA?

Looking Back on the Election of Pope Francis

Today is the anniversary of the election of our 266th pope.

What are You Waiting for?

Have we left the New Evangelization on pause?

Come Aboard the Bandwagon

Let's take a moment to appreciate the bandwagon fans.

Fist holding gold medal

In Your Faith Life, Go for the Gold

Let's talk about the difference 5% makes.

A Blessing for Canada

"Our mission is to bring people to a deeper relationship with the Lord and the Gospel and by doing that the rest falls into place."

Supreme Blunder on Prostitution

Don't Canadians deserve better law-making than this?

Who's Coming to Christmas Dinner?

Maybe this year it's time to start a new Christmas tradition.

Baby grasping finger

2 Moral Issues the Conservatives Just Got Right

Here are two resolutions you can raise a glass to.

Study before a computer

Do your Catholic Homework

"Did you hear what Pope Francis said???"

5 Amazing Pope-Francisisms

In this day and age it’s important to be pithy. Even better if you can be memorably pithy.


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