Current Events

Current Events

Articles on the latest happenings in Canada, the world, & the universal Church

Why I Keep on Bloggin'

There were a couple of moments this past year where I was tempted to quit. Here's why I stuck with it.

Review of Exodus: Gods and Kings

Here are 5 reasons I think this movie missed the mark.

God Keep Our Land

Canada does not cower.

Fundraiser for Iraqi Christians

Support our brethren. Solidarity and charity. #WeAreN

Solidarity with Iraq

It's time to come together on this.

Is this worth talking about?

"What exactly does marriage mean?" "I dunno. What time is it?"

Responses to Trudeau: Catholic Media Round Up

"A pro-abortion stance is irreconcilable with Catholicism. Period."

Cardinal Collins Challenges Trudeau

Toronto's Cardinal responds to Trudeau.

Why Can't We Just Love Them?

As I consider the sad state of Canadian politics, this story is uplifting.

Provincial Funding and the Powers We Ought Not Assume

"To be, or not to be, that is the question-“; but it is one that only adults are given the opportunity to answer.

Living in a Firestorm of Tolerance

Something deeply unsettling is happening in our culture.

Follow the Leader

"Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses..."


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