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Stormy day in Toronto

Are You Also Aching for Canada to Be Better?

Given the option of choosing life over death, Canadian politicians are more and more frequently choosing death.

Why You Should Vote Conservative

Being a one-issue voter isn't a bad thing when the issue is this...

Is this worth talking about?

"What exactly does marriage mean?" "I dunno. What time is it?"

Responses to Trudeau: Catholic Media Round Up

"A pro-abortion stance is irreconcilable with Catholicism. Period."

Cardinal Collins Challenges Trudeau

Toronto's Cardinal responds to Trudeau.

Why Can't We Just Love Them?

As I consider the sad state of Canadian politics, this story is uplifting.

Supreme Blunder on Prostitution

Don't Canadians deserve better law-making than this?

Guy shielding eyes

Putting Porn Back in its Place

Porn is not all fun and games, and it’s no longer just the Catholic Church that’s saying so.

Toronto Catholic School Board HQ

TCDSB Trustees: An "F" in Catholic Education

What happens when trustees forget what it means to be Catholic?

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