Marriage: The Opposite of Boring

Marriage: The Opposite of Boring


I have been married for over 6 months and it has led me to start reflecting on the past half year. I know half a year does not seem like a lot, but it has been a packed 6 months, and the Lord has worked immensely in my heart. I want to share this with you.

When I was about to enter marriage I was a little nervous. I had this fear that marriage was maybe a bit boring. I had heard people say it's “time to settle down,” or people would just speak as if when you're married life gets slow. Or they would suggest to me that I should experience the world before getting married.

People just made it seem that something stops. Not everyone, but some people did not speak highly of marriage.

And as a result, I was scared. I thought: "I am super excited to get married. I love my wife, and I know this is what I am called to do. But... there is this other side?"

What I forgot is that I have the Lord on my side and that he never lets anything become boring. Reflecting back, what the Lord said to me was, “Ben, you think marriage will be boring? Well, I will cure that doubt. Get ready for the adventure of your life."  

Because of how strong my doubt was, I feel that the Lord gave me tenfold the adventure.

Looking back on the last six months, I want to share where he has lead Megan and I. This reminds me that the Lord will do more in my life than I can ever ask or imagine. He showed me that marriage is anything but boring!

Here are some highlights of the first 6 months:

  • Got Married in Windsor, Ontario
  • Had a second reception in BC at my family Cabin on a gorgeous lake
  • Went on Mission to Brazil for 3 weeks
  • Had a honeymoon in Italy, Malta and Greece
  • Travelled throughout Canada: Vancouver, Salmon Arm, London, Saskatoon, Halifax, Ottawa, Windsor and in-between
  • Found an apartment
  • Was a Groom, Best Man and Groomsman
  • Megan learned how to water ski!
  • Met the Pope
  • Met basketball legend Steve Nash 
  • Helped photograph a major youth conference
  • Hung out with a lot of epic and inspiring people and almost all of my friends from coast-to-coast

Overall we travelled 60,400 km by air, road and sea. We slept in 42 different beds (and hammocks, flights, and floors). We took 21 planes, 6 boats and 4 trains across 8 countries on 3 continents!

The Lord told me in a strong way that marriage is not boring. It is exciting, and it is a journey. The best part of all is that these adventures are with my best friend.

More than just traveling, I have discovered it is not boring because:

1. I am always with my best friend

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy. But we are always growing. I am learning more and more about her everyday and also about myself. I have learned to love Megan in a deeper way than ever before. Every day, I get to think about how our marriage is a sacrament; I am the vessel of grace to her.

Do we disagree? Do we fight? Sometimes, no; some days, multiple times.

And that's ok! We're growing together. 

2. Being around one person all the time is giving me a heart of service and choice

As I said it is not always easy, but I get to choose her everyday, and everyday I have the opportunity to look past myself.

Furthermore, through Megan I experience Christ in a whole new way and different aspects of his heart. I know personally I have discovered more about Jesus’ mercy because of the mercy and forgiveness Megan gives me everyday.

3. We are a team with a missionary call

I love that Megan and I have come together to be a team and to be a missionary family. To truly know me, you also need to know Megan. We also get to pray and discern how the Lord is calling us to be one and reach out to the world. I love being around her, having the same mission in life makes it comfortable to be around her.

And those are just a few highlights!

It is safe to say that marriage has been very exciting! God blew my expectations out of the water. I didn’t "settle down" or slow down - I sped up!

And my life has been enhanced in every way.

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