Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
A young lady praying while standing in the pews of a church.
Dad and child by the ocean surf

The Truth about What Kids Do for Your Marriage

Let's talk about the crucial 3rd pillar of Christian marriage.

Girl praying with sombreness

The Painful Truth about the New Evangelization

Here are two ways you can and should get hurt in the New Evangelization.

Responses to Trudeau: Catholic Media Round Up

"A pro-abortion stance is irreconcilable with Catholicism. Period."

Cardinal Collins Challenges Trudeau

Toronto's Cardinal responds to Trudeau.

Why Can't We Just Love Them?

As I consider the sad state of Canadian politics, this story is uplifting.

Album Review: Brothers, by Joe Zambon

It's great to review an album that I actually love.

Provincial Funding and the Powers We Ought Not Assume

"To be, or not to be, that is the question-“; but it is one that only adults are given the opportunity to answer.

Hitting snooze on the alarm

The Colossal Battle Within, and Why I Refuse to Surrender

Every morning I face an intense battle, and I never know for sure who will come out on top.

Share the Message of Easter

Are you keeping Holy Week to yourself, or are you sharing it with someone?

Living in a Firestorm of Tolerance

Something deeply unsettling is happening in our culture.

Follow the Leader

"Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses..."

Josh about to board a government jet

A Doubly Blessed Day

Here's a couple of reasons why today is an amazing day.


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