Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
A young lady praying while standing in the pews of a church.

Rebel Against the Slopification of Culture

The Arcade Fire is issuing dress codes, and so am I.

4 Questions about Evangelization with Michael Dopp

What are we actually talking about when we say New Evangelization?

Pregnancy test

Opting Out of Reality

When it comes to modern parenthood, there's a lot of lying going on.

Baby grasping finger

2 Moral Issues the Conservatives Just Got Right

Here are two resolutions you can raise a glass to.

Joe Zambon

6 Questions with Joe Zambon

"Songwriting has been a gift to my own personal life since songs I’ve written still minister to my heart years after I’ve recorded them."

5 Reasons to Make Confession Your New BFF

Confession is amazing.

Athletic Spirituality

How is your spiritual fitness routine going?

The Leadership Exercised by a Disciple

In our world, the best leaders are actually the best followers.

Holding a father's hand

Can I Share My Testimony with You?

This is the story of God's victory in my life.

Image of the character Cosette

Les Miserables Makes Me Hunger for Justice in the World

Something about the honest depiction of suffering, sacrificial love, and longing for a just society where people can get by just pulls you in heart-first.

Thanksgiving greeting

The Relationship between Gratitude and Patience

Our pastor shared a surprising measure of gratitude this past Sunday.

Sharing Your Testimony, 101

Want to share your testimony? Here is how, in 3 easy parts.


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