Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
Faith is Meant to be Lived
A young lady praying while standing in the pews of a church.
Photo of Jean Vanier

The Time for Soft Responses to Scandal is Over

When I saw the news on Saturday morning I was stunned. Jean Vanier?

Baby looking to camera

A Parish that Does Not Revere Children is Suicidal

A recent negative experience at Mass left me thinking: are we shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to young families?

Young man with backpack

One Thing I Wish They Would Immediately Stop Teaching in Seminary

This nugget of wisdom makes sense in a thriving parish. But what about all the rest? 

Woman looking out window

How to Rebuild Trust in the Church

We need to address things as they are with severity and sincerity. Here are 4 things we can do.


If You're Angry about Recent Scandals, (Don't) Close Your Eyes

I don’t know if this is part of a reconciling process, but I need to feel indignation filled with hope right now.

Fireplace and coffee

How to Fire Up Your Faith When it is Weak

Are the embers of your faith burning low? Here are 6 questions to fan the flame. 

Trudeau at World Bank

6 Reasons It's Harder than Ever to Trust in Trudeau

Canada needs great leaders. Failing that, she needs at least respectable leaders.


Why Your Church Should Care about Its Coffee

Great coffee and telling people about Jesus is in fact quite compatible!

Why I Believe that God has a Plan for You

Who was the real me? What was the real narrative of my life?

Woman smiling

8 Amazing Things a Church for Young Adults Can Do

If it’s difficult for passionate young adults to connect, how can we expect to attract the disaffected?

Young People in a line up

Young Adults Need a Place in the Church

So much is possible when we set aside all distractions in ministering to young adults.

Man by fire in wilderness

The Red Pill Will Disturb You for Good

Is raising awareness to the injustices faced by men tantamount to attacking the rights of women?


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