Catholic Men Should Be the Best Daters

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Catholic Men Should Be the Best Daters


What the heck ever happened to dating?

It used to make sense, right? Once upon a time, if you had an inkling of attraction and intrigue in a girl, you asked her out on a date to spend time getting to know her better. The date probably consisted of a meal and a movie, or seeing a play or something like that. Nothing was really expected or assumed in terms of a relationship at this point. You were just getting to know each other.

Maybe you'd hit it off, maybe not. Maybe you'd go out again, maybe not. The point was having good innocent fun getting to know someone of the opposite sex better. What's wrong with that?

Hopefully you're thinking "Nothing is wrong with that." Ok, so then how come so many young, attractive, eligible Catholics don't go out on dates very often?

I understand confusion in secular dating, where even sexual intercourse doesn't necessarily imply commitment anymore. But if you're reading this blog, chances are you're not into the whole premarital sex thing. (Good for you)

But Catholic dating should be simple!

I believe it is simple, and I think a big part of the issue is that men don't know that women want to be asked out. Guys are a bit timid today. They think that their moves have to be flawless if they are going to get a girl to say yes to a date.

But I don't think girls care that much about the delivery; they appreciate that someone finds them interesting/attractive/intriguing. In fact, I would bet that girls like being asked out even when they say no (provided that the guy was polite and respectful). What single girl wouldn't love to be reminded in this way that she's attractive? That she's worth being pursued?

What single girl wouldn't love to be reminded in this way that she's attractive? That she's worth being pursued?

A little while back I shared an article on Facebook about men being too hesitant in this area, and you know what? A whole bunch of girls Liked it. And then they shared it.

Gentlemen, take the hint.

I want to tell you a true story about a guy I know. He was kinda shy about asking girls out (really shy, actually). So to conquer his fear, he made a list of 20 girls that he had some level of interest in, and one by one he asked them out. You know what happened? A lot of them said yes.

A very fun detail is that he put the girl he was most interested in last, thinking she would be tough not to marry. He was right. He did marry Girl #20. The guy's name was Ken and the girl's, Susan. Ken and Susan Canning. As in, my mom and dad.

Your future wife might be the next girl you ask out. Or she might be the 4th, or 5th, or 20th. But you won't know unless you ask her out.

My Throwback Thursday challenge to you, single men, is to reclaim the lost art of asking a girl out. To make it measurable, ask a girl out to coffee, or dinner, or a movie this weekend.

If that makes you nervous, then ask three out. Just don't mix up their names.

Ladies, if you agree with this post, share it. Maybe some fine gentlemen in your life will take the hint.

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Your future wife might be the next girl you ask out. Or the next. But you won't know unless you ask. — Josh Canning

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