6 Questions with Joe Zambon

Joe Zambon

6 Questions with Joe Zambon


Joe Zambon is an uber-talented Catholic musician and campus minister currently based out of Toronto, Ontario.  

1. I heard you give a testimony where you shared the origins of your desire to play music. Can you share that with us?

I think at the heart for why I want to share my music with others is the hope that it can bless someone else. The majority of the songs I write are usually written in the valleys of my life, where there is little visibility and I find myself searching on hands and knees for answers and meaning. It seems that the Lord always meets me there and speaks His words of hope that comfort me. The Encounter I experience becomes a gift I want to share with others.

2. When did you begin to see that you had a gift for music?

I remember an event that happened in my late teens. I had just finished leading worship at a Sunday Mass and as everyone was leaving the church an elderly lady stopped me on the stairs. She looked me square in the eyes and said, “You have an anointed voice!” At the time I had no idea what she was talking about and I actually thought she was a little kooky. But her words remained with me. I think after that moment I started reflecting more upon the question of what the Lord wanted me to do with the few loaves and fishes He had given me.   

3. You shared once that you don't listen to a lot of contemporary music, or music in general. That being the case, what do you think influences your musical style?

I heard a friend once say that: “Art is born in silence”. It’s weird to say as a musician but I often enjoy silence more than music. I do though go through seasons of listening to music. When I am writing or recording music I usually don’t listen to other music. But during the off seasons, I’ll wet my musical pallet in different sounds and bands that often bring new stylistic or compositional ideas. My favorite go-to genres are folk and classical music. Once I feel inspired again, I find I slowly stop listening to other music and start writing. Weird, eh!

4. Listening to your music has often moved my spirit with a genuine desire to enter into prayer. Do people often tell you that your music has spiritually helped them in some way?

I was leading worship at a conference recently where a woman told me after one of our sets “That was the best prayer time I’ve had in a long while!”  I’m always excited to hear how the music blesses listeners in their life. Some have said that the songs help them to focus their thoughts and enter into prayer, some have received healing from deep wounds in relationships, and others have said they find a deep peace by listening to the albums.  Recently I had a few married friends message me saying, “Thanks for helping our baby fall asleep!”  Who would have guessed my music could be used as a lullaby tape! Praise God!

5. How does making music benefit you spiritually?

I am a very forgetful man and tend to wander back over the same tracks I’ve walked before. Remembering has recently been a real challenge for me. Songwriting has been a gift to my own personal life since songs I’ve written still minister to my heart years after I’ve recorded them. I also feel spiritually blessed and edified when I hear the stories others share with me. It encourages me to continue writing and recording honest music!

6. What can we look forward to in your upcoming album?

With out giving too much away, you can look forward to shovels and tractor chains, Hammond organ and a jig, honesty and the smell of my Parent’s farm. How’s that for descriptive! I’m very excited to share these new songs with you very soon!

You can find Joe Zambon's albums here on iTunes. His new album is slated for release in the Spring of 2014.

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