5 Reasons Why My Wife is Amazing

5 Reasons Why My Wife is Amazing


I try to make all my blogposts practical in some way. I believe that there should be a takeaway, something that someone can implement in their own lives, rather than simply listening to me thinking out loud.

But today is my wedding anniversary! Today I just want to shout out how great my wife of 8 years is.

If you are single, and you want to make it practical, take this as a Part 2 post of things to look for in a Catholic spouse.

Here are 5 reasons why my wife amazes me:

1. She is an apostle

Lisa was an instrument through which grace flowed into my life before we even really knew each other. She was simply praising God from her heart, and I saw it, and then God came into my life in a radically vivid way.

But she continues to be an apostle of God’s love to others. She will work hard and doggedly bring people to a place where they can hear the Gospel proclaimed. She presses so that more people can be reached (like pushing for us to do Alpha in our church rather than in our home) and willingly departs her comfort zone with the end game in mind (like leading music ministry).


Enjoying a glass of wine with this beauty after hosting an Alpha Day retreat together. Life. Is. Good! #thanksGod

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She is a beast for the Gospel. And that’s just one reason to love her.

2. She is a leader & a coach

Lisa naturally wants everyone to win. If you are a good person and you have noble goals, Lisa will try to help you advance them. She has a firm understanding of her own gifts and strengths and she wants other people to understand and use theirs.

I couldn’t possibly count the times that Lisa has called me/challenged me/encouraged me to be the best version of myself. She has called out gifts and talents in me that I denied existed and convicted me that to bury them would be a great disservice (cf. Matt 25:14-30).

I would be a much lesser person without her. That is a fact.

3. She is a supermom

Lisa delights in our children. Once fearful at what having children would demand of us, she has come into her motherhood with a supernatural viewpoint and an attitude of abundance (hence, 5 kids in 8 years...). And it has changed us immeasurably for the better.

A lot of things about our lifestyle can be challenging, like when I have to travel for work. But she is a courageous woman. She is a nurturer, spending aimless time with our kids putting maternal care and love in all situations.


Story time. #familylife #alwaysblessings

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And in her I see how love conquers all fear.

4. She is my best friend

I believe that friendship is founded in affection and fortified in trial. We’ve been through some challenges together: cancer and depression stand out prominently. Her recent battles with cellulitis were no picnic either.


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But if you can laugh and weep as you endure difficulties together, you probably have a great friend on your hands. And she is the best.

5. She is beautiful in every way

This one requires little explanation. Hello!

As our 8th year together begins on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and the start of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, I reflect upon how this person has been a channel of God’s mercy in my own life.

Thank you, Lisa, for loving this flawed man. May we help each other stay faithful to all the blessings that God has entrusted to us.

Happy anniversary.

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