4 Reasons the World Desperately Needs You

Face palm

4 Reasons the World Desperately Needs You


Morally, it's been a bad news day.  You know those days when it seems that all the news is bad news? Today feels like a day where all the news is ugly news.

Just a few of the weird stories that slimed me:

  • Miley Cyrus disturbs attendees at an awards show with her uber-sexual dancing. Upstages Lady Gaga, who behaves slightly less scandalous/sacrilegious than usual


  • Women march topless in BC to demonstrate that breasts are not sexual. Thousands of men crowd in to take pictures with cell phones



Finally locally:


Today is a day where you have to ask yourself, what is WRONG with the world?

Now Canadian Catholic was not founded to be sort of rant-at-the-world forum. It was not created to condemn the world. It was founded to be a means of looking carefully at culture, seeing the good that is there and building upon it, and bringing the Good News of the Gospel to areas of our culture that need it the most.

It is meant to be a place that is deeply infused with Christian hope.

But sometimes I think we need take a pause and look soberly and seriously at the world, and to see how bad things are, in order to feel deeply why the world needs a Saviour.

Blessed John Paul II wrote:  

It is necessary, then, to keep a watchful eye on this our world, with its problems and values, its unrests and hopes, its defeats and triumphs…This, then, is the vineyard; this is the field in which the faithful are called to fulfill this mission (Christifideles Laici, and No 3 al 6).

We need to understand that things are not all good. In addition to its values, hopes, and triumphs, it has "problems", "unrests", and "defeats". Looking at the news today I'm thinking, let's be honest, we are in a world that not only tolerates vice, at times it even celebrates it. Some people manage get filthy rich off it (so to speak).

This world and this culture needs real disciples. We need counterpoints in the form of human beings. We need witnesses who have been touched by the love of Christ, who have found true fulfillment in Christ's love and in relationship with Him.

We need disciples who are impelled by the love of Christ to go out and love the world.

Are you willing to be a both a counterpoint and an agent of love and reconciliation? I truly hope so, because the world is hurtin', and it needs you.

Question: Do you identify with the idea of being a "counterpoint" in the world? 


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